Private offices available at the Cozy office in South Park. 20–35% cheaper than the competition.

Quiet and pleasant with fast wifi, a business mailing address, free (easy) parking, a full kitchen, and just the right amenities.

Private office

For small teams that need their own dedicated space. Get a whole private office with room for at least 4 desks for $950/mo. (Those 4 desk would go for $2100!)

Dedicated desk

First person to sign up pays $350/mo. The next desk goes for $50/mo more, and on it goes. It's a race! 🐎

Share the dedicated desk and split the cost!
*$25 per person to split.

Day passes

Get one of those dedicated desks ☝️ for $25/day. Book here ›

Or get a whole office for $100/day. Book here ›

Reviews from local folks who’ve worked here:

The space

We're in the heart of South Park at 2330 30th St.

The focus here is on making a restful place to be your home office away from home.

I'm not trying to create an “experience”. I'm not here for networking. I'm here to help more people feel more comfortable, more cozy, more happy.

The building is a repurposed house (it's dual-zoned residential/commercial), and has three main rooms.

Dogs are more than welcome, as long as they're quite well-behaved and you're a responsible owner.

Let's start with a 49-second video walkthrough.

(I demure: I took all photos and videos with zero prep or staging, so forgive any messes, puppies, or shakiness.)

The front room is Cozy's office:

Cozy keepin' cozy

The middle room will be redone as a sort of living room — couch, coffee table, massive whiteboard. Though if there's interest this could be a second dedicated office.

Your room

The back room is kitted out with four desks. I'm not sure what else to say, really. You're renting a desk, there it is! Let me know how I can make it more comfortable for you. 👍

You know the panorama mode on the iPhone, yeah? It's a little wonky but at least I could get the whole room in one image.

Common spaces

We have a full kitchen, bathroom, printers, phone room, and more. Soon we'll be outfitting the outdoor picnic table for breaks or calls.

Kitchen, with silverware, dishes, bowls, glasses, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker
Printer, paper, office supplies, shredder, refrigerator
Phone room, with sound insulation
With shower! Run to work!


No, we don't have kombucha on tap. 🙄

Forgoing the hipster gravy helps me keep the cost reasonable. I stay focused on what's going to make you comfortable every minute of every day. We have a refrigerator that can fit all the kombucha you could possibly want. :)

An incomplete list of what we do have:

  • Air-conditioning & heat
  • Great wifi (literally top-tier)
  • Business address
  • Private phone room
  • Fixed, dedicated desk — make it your own
  • Dedicated private storage
  • Kitchen stocked with the essentials
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Laser printer
  • Office supplies & shredder
  • Not one, not two, but three ways to cover your bathroom… tracks
  • Dog-friendly (for well-behaved puppers)
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Security cameras with motion-sensing lights
  • High quality desk and bitchin' chair
  • Regular professional cleaning
  • Proximity to restaurants, bars, yoga, cafes, coffee


I'm looking for people who are likewise respectful, quiet, careful, responsible adults. 

You might be a freelancer, a remote worker, a writer, a designer, a developer, etc. As long as you're a good neighbor to other thoughtful, tidy folks… let's chat!

Rent is $450/mo for the first desk, $500/mo for the second, $550 for the third, $600 for the fourth.

Security deposit of one month's rent.

About Cozy

Cozy was started by Lee Fuhr as a sort of counter-statement to the overwrought approach typical at the larger agencies he worked at. Learn more at

Want to walk up to this every day? Email and tell me a bit about you.

And it wouldn't hurt to include a random gif…