A total revitalization of a B2B brand — from logo to website to ongoing content marketing to digital, print, and environmental collateral, and more — resulting in some staggering improvements:

  • 968% increase in organic search
  • 376% increase in users per month
  • 87% increase in referral traffic
  • 30% increase in direct traffic

All this with no additional PPC spend and tight budgets, leading to a proven increase in quality leads and huge improvements in iQuoteXpress' revenue.

“Our quantity and quality of leads have gone up by a factor of 10X since our relationship with Cozy begun.”

Building a business is a tricky thing. In most cases, starting up is the easy part: you have an idea, you run with it, you close a sale or two. You don’t really need too much more than you.

The hard part is when it’s time to grow. When growth opportunities arise, the serious business takes an honest, fearless look around and assesses whether things like the brand, website, and marketing efforts that got it to its current level of success are enough to take it to the next level.

That’s what iQuoteXpress (IQX) did. It saw some growth opportunities, took an honest look at the lay of the land, and knew it needed help accommodating and fueling growth, getting to that next level with more site visits, more keyword rankings, more brand visibility… more business.

It chose Cozy as its design and marketing partner, and together we traded out an old logo for a new one, an old website for a new one, no content marketing for savvy, ongoing content marketing (email, blogs, social), and a DIY approach for a Cozy approach.

The short story is a success story. IQX enjoyed:

  • 968% increase in organic search
  • 376% increase in users per month
  • 87% increase in referral traffic
  • 30% increase in direct traffic

All with no additional spend in PPC. (Here we’re comparing pre-Cozy numbers from May 2016 to all-in-with-Cozy numbers from May 2019.)

Traffic is great, but did the work Cozy did on IQX’s website, blogs, social feeds, and partner sites drive any business?

Martin Spritzer, IQX’s Director of Marketing & Sales, thinks so:

Recurring revenue doubled from 2016 to 2017, and from 2017 to 2018 it increased 68%. So far in 2019 we are on track for our best year yet…”
Want these kinds of numbers and brand new set of clothes, too? Contact Cozy.

Want to know how it all began, see if you see yourself in the story of IQX and Cozy, see who did what and when and for whom? Read on.

Who/what is IQX?

IQX is a company and a technology. It has been around since 2009, and has teams and facilities in both Central and North America, relationships with some of the largest names in the B2B tech space, and a customer base that spans the globe.

Technically speaking, IQX is an independent software vendor (ISV) that offers a configure, price, quote solution (CPQ) that small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises (enterprises) use to automate the sales proposal process, from soup to nuts — rather, from when a quote is designed to when it is simply signed.

With professionally created, vertically targeted sales proposal templates, a product and pricing configuration engine, and sales quote tracking functionality at the micro (a specific quote) and macro (all quotes from all reps) levels, the solution helps companies with anywhere from 3 to 3,000 sales reps improve the most critical step in the sales lifecycle.

Able to be used as a standalone solution or integrated into leading CRMs (Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho, and more) and ERPs (Oracle, AX, GP, and more), IQX has helped customers reduce sales proposal costs by as much as 70%, turnaround times by 50%, and errors by 95%.

But it’s only recently, since partnering with Cozy, that IQX has seen its brand and bottom line grow by leaps and bounds.

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In the beginning, there was darkness...

Slight exaggeration, because there was light, but what that light revealed of IQX was often less than flattering, and rarely did much to serve the strength of the company’s technology nor the professionalism of its people.

The IQX website was functional, but didn’t have much of a public profile (looking at Google searches, they weren't on page one for any competitive non-brand keywords). The site was a place for existing customers to access their CPQ software, and little else.

The old iQuoteXpress home page, with its generic photography, overlong headline, shouting buttons, and that old iQuoteXpress logo…

Why such a — to put it politely, but accurately — Y2K look and feel for both the brand and its website in the pre-Cozy era (2009 - 2016)? Don’t blame IQX: its expertise is in CPQ software and the implementation and selling thereof, not branding or website design or marketing.

“As a small start-up we did not have the luxury of hiring a marketing team, much less a marketing director,” says Spritzer. “Our previous website was created and managed in-house by our programming team for years.”

For most SMBs, this is a familiar pain point: expertise is often in the product or service provided, not necessarily the public-facing presentation (the marketing) thereof. And like many SMBs, IQX also had expertise in the one-to-one selling of the product or service, not necessarily in the marketing and lead generation tasks that make more of those one-to-one relationships possible.

Spritzer knew that IQX obviously needed a facelift, but its needs went deeper:

“It was time for a complete brand refresh, and Cozy was able to help us with a new logo, website overhaul, and a new, more modern look and feel for our company. Beyond these initial efforts, we needed to find a digital design and marketing company that could serve as our out-sourced marketing department. We found exactly that level of partnership with Cozy, which also found a way to make everything work within our budget constraints.”
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Let there be logo! Let there be look & feel! Let there be light!

The space IQX competes in is highly competitive; its new look had to set it apart while instilling what one can best call “confidence via conformity.” Prospects considering IQX were also likely reviewing solutions from bigger fish with a more standard B2B look and feel (see Steelbrick, owned by Salesforce). The goal of the new IQX logo and website was to capture attention, but not by “screaming. To instill confidence from within — to look like they belong in a field they’re disrupting.

Cozy’s Rational Design approach made it the ideal agency for this task. It applied a condensed branding methodology, including: 

  • A full logo process — resulting in a logo pack replete with the logo in full color, monocolor, white, and black alternates, plus standalone marks and logotypes
  • Typography standards
  • Iconography and illustration
  • Photography
  • All wrapped up in a styleguide the whole IQX team could use to improve all of their company communications.

In the end, Cozy took IQX from this:

Old iQuoteXpress logo

…to this:

Modern type. Restrained, industry-appopriate colors. In-built mark (the "Q"). Punchier tagline.

There were a few stops along the way, of course, from pencil sketches to early digital work.

The IQX logo chosen is fueled by a new color palette (both business-friendly and progressive), the existing brand name (IQX wanted to keep its lowercase “i”), and a new “onward and upward” direction (arrow in the “Q”). Along the way we researched and explored a variety of color palettes, mood directions, logo treatments, etc. We ensured the logo would render at a variety of sizes and that colors would “fit in but stand out”.

Some more process shots, then we'll continue below that…

We took a similar approach with the new website, which was not just a refresh of palettes and layouts, but a top-to-bottom overhaul.

Cozy provided a new IA, new content strategy, and a new brand voice based on new markets IQX wanted to serve, new ways it wanted to define its offer, new KWs it wanted to rank highly on, and new content it wanted to consistently present to its customers and prospects. New, new, new.

Again, here's the old site:

The old iQuoteXpress home page,
with that old iQuoteXpress logo

…and here's what we made for them:

An additional key component of the new site was aggressively capturing leads, which meant that Cozy had to create a lead capture form that was simple in design and content, and easy to “pop in” across the website in its entirety (e.g., not a single one of IQX’s hundreds of blog posts is without a lead capture form).

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The work is done. Let the work begin!

A key component of the partnership between Cozy and IQX was that we’re in it for the long-haul, here to learn and improve together.

In addition to ongoing optimization of its website, IQX asked Cozy to create and deliver an ongoing marketing strategy: content marketing (blog articles on its own site and on 3rd party/partner sites), social media, email, PPC, and SEO.

“We had done a few marketing campaigns prior to our partnership with Cozy, but we never really saw the return on investment,” says Spritzer. “Our failures were probably a combination of poor planning and a poorly targeted execution strategy. Cozy was able to help us identify marketing initiatives that continue to deliver a powerful ROI as we are able to measure costs both in lead acquisition and customer conversion.”

But don’t just take it from Mr. Spritzer: numbers pulled from the last month its old site was up, May 2016, and more recently, May 2019, show the following increases (with no additional PPC spend*):

Increase in
Users per month
Increase in
Sessions per month
Increase in
New users per month
…these are prospects!
Increase in
Organic traffic
(an indicator of brand awareness & keyword ownership)
Increase in
Direct traffic
* Why mention this twice in the same case study? Because anyone can buy traffic.

While the preceding success metrics cover a three year period, Spritzer says the impact of Cozy’s work was, in fact, immediate:

“One of the immediate benefits we saw was a spike in high quality leads. This steady lead intake allowed us to build a baseline of business and focus on more long-term planning such as our 3rd party integration strategy, which has really taken off in the past year or so. Our quantity and quality of leads have gone up by a factor of 10X since our relationship with Cozy begun.”

And where IQX was consistently M.I.A. for searches such as “sales quote software” and “best proposal software” and “cpq solutions” (rarely appearing above page four), it’s now on page one for most every competitive non-brand keyword it has targeted in its content-marketing efforts.

These numbers are the result of a process. A process we can repeat for you. Get in touch so we can chat about it ›

More than web: whitepapers, collateral, video

Cozy extended its marketing efforts with IQX beyond the website as well, delivering content and campaigns to both business/marketing partners (such as Capterra and CRMsoftwareblog) and technology partners (such as Zoho). Additionally, Cozy wrote, storyboarded, and produced a short video that both makes the case for CPQ in general and IQX in particular.

Cozy’s rebranding of IQX also meant collateral such as business cards and brochures (as IQX does more than a few annual B2B events where paper is still foundational). Recently, Cozy created IQX’s first-ever whitepaper, RFP Responses Made Easy, which served to both boost IQX’s reputation as an authoritative content provider in the CPQ space, and serve as a lead generation asset in campaigns on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

IQX brochure outside
IQX brochure inside
IQX business cards
IQX whitepaper

In the client’s words…

“Since we are a B2B software company, our goal was to partner with a marketing firm that understands our market as well as it understands us” says Spritzer. “We found exactly that in the Cozy team, which offered — and continues to offer — a 360 degree approach, guiding us through branding, marketing communications, lead generation, as well as assisting with the workflow and visual design elements of our own software.

“We would recommend Cozy for all of the services they have provided for us: logo design, website design, content marketing, and more.”

“They really understand our business and we have developed a high level of trust in all that Cozy does. They have a high degree of fiduciary duty, which compliments their creativity, ensuring that we stay within budget without sacrificing creative output. And I love having a dedicated account manager as well as access to a full collaboration team to help guide us.”

“Our recurring revenue doubled from 2016 to 2017 [Cozy’s first year], and from 2017 to 2018 it went up 68%, and in 2019 we are on track for our best year yet. Cozy has been and continues to be a key ingredient to our success.”

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