tl;dr: We're looking for a traffic manager (or, if you will, a junior project manager), a super-organized brain to help us ensure all tasks are tracked effectively — from the spark (likely from a conversation / meeting) through to completion. Half-time, about half of that in person (mostly at our office in South Park).

About us

Cozy was started by Lee Fuhr as a sort of counter-statement to the overwrought projects typical at the larger agencies he worked at. Our goal is to shrink-wrap our efforts around the problem at hand. To do as little as possible to address the client's challenge, but never less.

We typically work on marketing-focused design efforts. This includes ongoing site/brand maintenance with content marketing, project-based UX efforts, production design, etc.

From our About page:

Our focus is digital design — design strategy, UX design, graphic design, copywriting — all firmly rooted in UX design. We apply the tenets of UX design — building empathy, understanding stakeholders, starting small, customizing solutions — to our design process itself.


Our founder, Lee Fuhr, uses his deep digital experience (20 years in UX) to curate a work plan (we call it a “strategic roadmap”) that saves our clients time, money, and frustration on the way to an informed, reliable, high-quality solution shrink-wrapped to fit each unique problem space.

We're kind, intentional, empathetic, pragmatic here. If we're not, we're doing it wrong and we should just go work for someone else.

The work

You will manage the full life-cycle of multiple projects, from initial requirements capture, through solution design, build, test and deployment and will manage project risks, issues and dependencies to deliver them on time, on budget and at high quality.

You will…

… work closely with our founder & creative director (Lee). Most of Cozy's work goes through Lee, and it's a lot to keep straight, so you'll help keep him straight.

… work with our team — art director (Leanna), content strategist (Matt), and a varying cadre of contractors — to ensure everyone is focused on their work. That means they should know what to work on next, today, and this week, and they shouldn't worry about what they're missing. No roadblocks, SMEs focused on their subjects!

… work with our clients, attending meetings (usually on Zoom, sometimes in person), with a focus on note-taking, capturing action items, and following up the meeting via email, Ora, etc. If it's not in the notes, it didn't happen!

… keep the team apprised of our high-level status with weekly status cross-project updates.

… work with Lee to define project scopes and be involved in key project pitches on occasion.

… work with Lee to define and establish good internal processes, ensuring that our operations are running like clockwork

… monitor our tracking to ensure that we stay on budget.

… manage our PM software (currently Ora, but we're likely moving over to ClickUp and head up the bulk of that transition).

… communicate with the team primarily via Slack and Ora

It'd be nice if you…

… have opinions about how to organize things, but can collaborate (primarily with Lee) and ultimately take direction.

… have experience with a variety of PM platforms.


… have experience delivering digital projects on plan, on budget and at a high quality.

… are experienced with scope definition and requirements gathering, managing clients expectations and communication from project kick off to delivery.

… are excellent at translating conversations into tasks and deliverables for the team.

… have experience managing multiple teams & projects in parallel, keeping all project activities moving throughout the week by managing timelines and budgets.

… have experience with weekly project reporting to the client, team members and other key stakeholders.

… have experience managing client and project budgets.

… are excellent at prioritizing tasks and identifying what's key to the success of a project and client happiness

… are reasonably fast, steadfastly accurate, unwavering in your attention to detail, intentional without exception

… have exceptional communication/interpersonal skills.

… have excellent planning, organizational and time management skills with the ability to work proactively with minimal supervision

… have experience motivating a team without micro-managing

… have a problem-solving attitude

… are proactive.

… are kind and humble.

It'd be nice if you…

… are experienced in a range of project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum, OKR, etc.)

… have experience with product management, roadmapping, etc.

… have experience with technical and design teams

… have experience working with companies at our scale


Rate: Typically we pay hourly for contractor roles, but project management is a nightmare to track detailed time for, so this is a fixed rate position based on half-time availability (~20 hours a week, give or take a few). We'll expect you to be available to do about half of that on site.

$750—$950 / week depending on experience. Really, depending on the value you bring to Cozy through reliable, efficient work. That saves us time, so provides more value, so we pay more for it!

This is a contract position, so you will provide your own hardware (we have a monitor you can plug in to), workspace, apps, etc. We will provide all assets and working files, storage space (we're on Google Drive), collaboration space (we're in South Park).

Our office
From the outside

Interested? Email to tell us a bit about you. And it'd probably be best if you included a random gif. 🤔