Pragmatic design & content in support of your goals: that’s marketing to us.

Our focus is creative services— UX, UI, and print design + content strategy + copywriting. We apply the tenets of UX design — building empathy, understanding stakeholders, starting small, customizing solutions — to our design process itself.

We assign dedicated teams to each client so that we can build long-term, embedded familiarity. From there we collaborate on a smart roadmap of high-impact work. We aim for quick-turnaround, high-value work that improves performance today while in the background we build a long-term, strategic machine for the future.

A proven track record.

We’re designers, not artists. We’re here to solve a problem, not express ourselves. We’re not dreamers, we’re pragmatists.
Founder & Creative Director
Lee Fuhr

As a classically trained and deeply experienced Information Architect (now often included under the banner of UX design), I’m keenly aware of how hard it is to find creative experts who care more about meeting your goals (budget, performance, relief…) than their own portfolio.

I started as a UX designer in 1998 while at Carnegie Mellon University, moving on to large agencies and corporations (Sony, AOL, Teradata, Sapient) as well as smaller agencies and startups (MAYA Design, Eventful). I saw firsthand how the design process had become bloated and costly.

I created Cozy to be the efficient, friendly, empathetic design team I always wanted. By stripping away the layers of showmanship, the inevitable inefficiencies of a large company, and the scope creep that comes from being motivated by building a portfolio, we can offer the highest caliber of design for a fraction of the cost.

— Lee

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