The science of unforgettable: how cognitive principles can transform your design strategy

What makes certain designs memorable? Is it just a matter of aesthetics, or is there something more profound at play?

Your designer isn’t a mind reader: how to give better creative feedback

Boost productivity by 36% & sales by 27% with effective design collaboration. Provide goal-oriented feedback & trust your designer's expertise for max impact.

Cozy recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for spring 2024

Proud moment for Cozy: named a top global B2B company for design, banner & signage services by Clutch

Data drives growth: why B2B marketers must embrace data-driven strategies

Discover the 4-step framework for becoming a data-driven B2B marketing organization. Overcome common challenges and optimize performance continuously.

Designing for differentiation: a step-by-step guide to B2B visual branding

Discover the key principles of audience-centric, consistent, and differentiated B2B design. Plus, get actionable tips to enhance your visual brand today.

Why flexible creative staffing is a game-changer for B2B marketing

62% of B2B marketers find a hybrid creative staffing approach most effective. Learn how to blend external flexibility with internal brand leadership.

B2B marketing challenges in tech and how to overcome them

Stop chasing vanity metrics and start driving real results. Conquer the top challenges in B2B tech marketing with these no-BS tips.

Navigating tough times: how outsourcing creative services keeps your business afloat & your mind at ease

Outsourcing creative services: your life raft in a sea of economic uncertainty. Cut costs, access specialized talent, and stay flexible.

The new AOR: a modern take on the classic Agency of Record model

Simplify your marketing efforts with the modern Agency of Record (AOR) model. Learn how Cozy's Creative Services Department delivers quality and consistency.

The hero's journey: our approach to helping clients succeed

Explore the power of servant leadership in creative services and how it drives client success by fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

B2B UX: The future of business growth

Elevate your B2B business with UX design. Discover the importance of user research and designing for different types of users in B2B contexts.

Maximize marketing returns with focused, outsourced design

Discover the secret to successful marketing campaigns: quality design. Outsource your design work to a specialized team and watch your returns soar.

Content marketing: the ultimate low-cost, high-quality lead generator

Content marketing: the ultimate low-cost, high-quality lead generator. Learn how to create valuable content that resonates with your audience.

Clutch: Cozy is one of the top 1000 service providers on the planet

Clutch recognizes Cozy Design as a global leader in design and content. Discover how our empathy and grit drive success for our clients.

Why empathy is our one and only core value

Empathy is at the intersection of rationality and emotion. Learn how it influences our approach to quality, dependability, and respect.

Art vs. design: what’s the difference?

Design is creative work with a purpose. Explore how design is empirical, measurable, and provable, always aimed at a specific purpose.

Cozy takes home multiple awards from

Cozy Design, Inc. takes home four awards from for best web design, UX, and app marketing services for small businesses.

Chuck Jones, minimalist?

Who do you want to learn about minimalism from more than Chuck Jones? These are all lessons that apply to the world of digital design.

John Cleese: “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating”

Unlock your creativity with John Cleese's ingenious framework. Discover the two modes of operation and five key factors to get into a creative state of mind.

Cozy named a top UX/UI & content marketing firm in California

Empathy drives success: Cozy Design, Inc. named a top UX/UI & content marketing firm in California by Clutch. Learn how we alleviate client anxiety.

June's bookmarks

June's bookmarks from Cozy: Elevate your design game with Figma plugins for smooth animations, arrows, gradients, and 3D illustrations.

Why (and when) we choose Squarespace over Wordpress

WordPress may be free and popular, but let's discuss the hidden costs and challenges that make Squarespace a better choice for many websites.

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