Clutch: Cozy is one of the top 1000 service providers on the planet

We're ending an award-winning year with a big one, named by Clutch as one of the very finest agencies on the planet.

Why empathy is our one and only core value

Genuine empathy is the most powerful force imaginable to alter (and improve) human behavior.

Purpose in design & art

Too often, people confuse design with art. Design is creative work aimed at a purpose. Every project has a purpose at which all design decisions are aimed.

Cozy takes home multiple awards from

Cozy took home four awards: best web design companies in the world, web design companies in San Diego, UX agencies, and app marketing companies.

Chuck Jones, minimalist?

Who do you want to learn about minimalism from more than Chuck Jones? These are all lessons that apply to the world of digital design

John Cleese: “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating”

Here in a talk from 1991, Cleese outlines his model for how creativity happens (and how to kill it, if you so wish).

Cozy named a top UX/UI & content marketing firm in California

Clutch has named us one of the top UX designers and content marketers in California for 2021.

June's bookmarks

Each month we share some of what we've found in the course of doing what we do. Here's some of what we found in June.

Why (and when) we choose Squarespace over Wordpress

WordPress is free. You can do nearly anything in it and it runs more than 30% of the internet. So why not use it? So many reasons.
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