We'd been working with Marc Koehler for a while on his day job, launching Lead With Purpose. He had a passion that led to a side hustle, launching a faith brand called Eyes On Christ.

EOC was to be a lifestyle brand and a suite of associated products that promoted a close relationship with Christ and the people you care deeply about.

eoc final cards
eoc whiteboard sketch

He imagined the brand on apparel, motion graphics, perhaps even in an app. We started from a five-year-old whiteboard sketch Marc had been savoring.

We went through an accelerated brand strategy, then iterated through sketches, eventually developing a modern, flexible, geometric logo treatment that got the brand off the launchpad.

eoc sketch 1
eoc sketch 2
eoc sketch 3
eoc sketch 4
eoc sketch 5

Final logo mark

EOC logo pack set 1EOC logo pack set 2EOC logo pack set 3
EOC logo pack set 4EOC logo pack set 5EOC logo pack set 6
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