We aim to take a bit of worry out of the world by alleviating the anxiety that comes with being too small for your own creative or marketing team. For us, it’s all about empathy: feeling and responding to the feelings of our clients and their customers. Everything else comes from that empathy — we can only lift anxiety if we deliver reliably and on time. Our every effort is aimed at helping people feel more… cozy.

Clutch award for top UX design agencies, 2021

In truth, we tend to live through our clients’ success rather than our own. We don’t celebrate our moments of success as much as we could. So let's shine the light inward for a moment, as we have been given an award by Clutch as one of the top UX/UI designers and content marketers in California in 2021. Clutch is an established B2B reviews platform that helps firms worldwide find the solution providers they need to increase productivity and effectiveness. Analysts at Clutch interview agency clients to collect verified reviews, then analyze market data and compare service providers in specific markets and offerings.

Clutch award for top content marketing agencies, 2021

After a tough year (for everyone), we’re particularly fueled by some of the kind words our clients have left us in their Clutch reviews. And we’re grateful to Clutch for the service they provide as a neutral third-party collecting this information.

“Being recognized by Clutch is a really satisfying signpost along our journey. We’ve grown through the nightmare that was 2020, and we’re feeling more capable than ever. And with Clutch helping us find more leads that are better matched with our values, the future’s never felt brighter. Exciting!”
— Lee Fuhr, Founder & Creative Director

Our Clutch profile is a testament to the team's hard work. Some recent highlights:

“I’ve appreciated their quality of work. As consultants, they’re very effective as well. They know when to push for certain initiatives and when to step back. Our project manager is the best. When they recommend something, we’re confident that it’s reasonable and will add value from a business perspective. That sense of professional empathy makes them stand out. Other agencies may be fast, but they’re efficient. They’re thorough with their work.”
— Senior UX Designer, Online Lender

“In addition to having great thought leadership in what’s appropriate and modern in a website design look and feel, their team took our verbose guidelines and distilled them down to something actionable. They’re on the top of their game when it comes to web design and CRO. Everything was on time, and Cozy Design, Inc. kept us on track of what deliverables were needed from us. They were super responsive and kept us on track. They came up with a design that allowed our brand to evolve in a way that didn’t detract from its original look and feel. They provided us with a 2.0 grown-up brand. Their ability to lean into the audience that we were targeting was impressive. All in all, we were super happy with what they provided.”
Digital Marketing Manager, E-Learning Leadership Company

“Their team is responsive and detail-oriented. We’ve exclusively worked with them for our design needs for our website and brochures because we’re very satisfied. They provide quality work at a fair market price. Cozy Design, Inc. always delivers work in a timely manner.”
— Executive Director, Healthcare Company

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