Why this concept matters to our Creative Services Department

Building a solid portfolio is fine, but our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed. It’s our job to help you represent your services and mission, not necessarily in the simplest way possible, but the best one.

To take this approach, we embark on the hero’s journey with you (big tip of the hat to Joseph Campbell). The hero begins by leaving the ordinary world, then encounters anything from the dragons of their past to the demons of their present. So…you’ll need a guide.

Everyone needs a creative guide, including the owners of SMBs and startups, especially if they want to reflect their company in the brightest, most authentic light.

To succeed, the hero must undergo a transformation in which they emerge with a new source of truth and step into themselves more authentically. Sometimes the hero’s journey isn’t easy or intuitive. But the experience is well worth the effort; that transformation is often the profit.

Examples of these unexpected changes are inherent throughout our client-based work.

Whether creating a brand identity that sets a business apart, designing a website that drives conversions, or crafting social media marketing materials that effectively tell a company’s story, we’re motivated to make our clients successful: to themselves, their peers, and their superiors.

Whatever we do, we do, we do with care and passion. That way, everyone wins, from our clients to our internal team.

Walking the unexpected & transformative path of Servant Leadership

Throughout this journey, one of the ways we lead to heroism is through Servant Leadership, as defined by Robert K. Greenleaf in his 1970 essay “The Servant as Leader.”

Servant Leadership is a philosophy in which the leader’s primary focus is on the growth and well-being of the team members. We enact this approach in every area of our lives, from our families to our teammates and clients. And we’ve found that everyone’s much happier while doing killer work that matters.

As we embark on providing creative services, we ensure that we care for each other and every stakeholder.

This approach is particularly relevant in the creative services industry, where the success of a project depends on the collaboration and creativity of the entire team, primarily driven by the client’s success. By putting the needs of the team members and clients on all sides first, we create an environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

So what does this mean for you?

You receive the best possible service when you work with an agency committed to Servant Leadership. Our team members are encouraged to put the needs of their colleagues and clients first, which creates a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

This sense of well-being allows us to work together effectively to achieve our goals and objectives, making us heroes to our peers, superiors, and customers.

As far as we’re concerned, every client can become the hero of their own story; they may not know it yet. We view our role as a creative services department as donning goggles, arming ourselves with a flashlight, descending into the murky depths of opportunity, and resurfacing with clarity and success.

Our job is to read between the lines, actively listen, and see the things that have yet to emerge from the creative rough.

More concretely, success may look like a 360-rebrand. It might take the shape of a comprehensive content marketing campaign.

Regardless of what we do, we make it a point to put you at the center of everything.

At Cozy, we make our clients the hero by clarifying and prioritizing your needs as the central driving force of the entire process. For example, when we started an app redesign, we realized that although the client’s initial request was to make things look pretty, we saw early on that we needed to shift our focus.

Our clients needed an app with intentional UX and UI. So, we leaned on our knowledge and industry standards to go beyond “pretty” and deliver a smooth user experience and captivating design for the client and agency-facing product.

We start by deeply understanding our client’s goals and objectives. We take the time to listen to your concerns, ask questions and appreciate your business. Doing this can tailor our approach to meet your needs and help you succeed. Finally, we ask ourselves and your stakeholders’ questions about success. Are we meeting your needs? Do we need to pivot? Are there any blind spots that we need to address?

You talk. We listen. You pivot. We adapt. We ask ourselves, what did we set out to accomplish on this creative journey? How do we get there while doing our best possible work for you? 

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” we’ll take another approach and explain why that one is most effective. The important thing isn’t whether we’re working overtime; we’re taking full responsibility for creating what you and your project need, even if we initially need to dig deep to discover your impulse.

Let’s have coffee virtually or in person if you’d like to discuss our client-centered approach.