When it comes to marketing, you want to get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. Back in the day, that’s where having an Agency of Record (AOR) could bring immense value to your business. Working with a single agency, companies would simplify procurement and scalability, have one point of contact who deals with all the coordination, and save on Human Resources costs.

Our Creative Services Department (CSD) model has brought those benefits into the modern era.

Let’s look at how CSD builds on AOR and why it’s such a smart investment for any business.

Simplified procurement

With CSD, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendor contracts or paperwork related to multiple agencies. We ensure everyone is compliant and gets paid on time. We deal with the nuances that come with managing multiple vendors at once. Moreover, if you’re not feeling great about one of your experts, we replace them with someone else from our stable. You send an email, and you’re done. We deal with the rest.


The CSD model allows for greater scalability when compared to using multiple agencies at once. You can scale our scope up or down without building or ending relationships. Have you — and your design needs — grown? No problem. Have you moved on from a focus on strategy to development? Easy-peasy. Need three months of hardcore copywriting for an upcoming book? You got it. We’re here for you.


Your CSD provides you with one point of contact who deals with all the coordination between the various product and marketing teams. It is our responsibility to serve as the single hub where all information flows to get things done. This makes life easier for everyone involved. You also don’t have to worry about building relationships with each vendor since everything runs through the same main agency contact, saving time and resources in training and onboarding.

HR wins

Working with your CSD results in monumental HR savings. We deal with all the headaches of recruiting and hiring. And as design experts, we’re better positioned to make better design hires. Naturally, we also handle employee training and development. We handle HR compliance issues, and if there’s an unfortunate offboarding event — that’s on us as well.

The Agency of Record (AOR) model was built to be a great way for businesses to save money while still getting quality products or services. By streamlining procurement processes and allowing for greater scalability — businesses can reap the rewards of working through one primary agency partner instead of several independent vendors at once. Moreover, having one designated point-of-contact helps reduce time spent on communications between teams while saving money on Human Resources costs associated with hiring/firing employees or contractors as needed. Leveraging an AOR model is a win-win scenario that the modern CMO or CEO should not overlook.